Teaching history

1.The School of Technical Education for Corp of Engineering Officers, Athens Greece:

Two years of teaching experience covering: Analytic Geometry and Calculus, Ordinary Differential Equations, Matrix Methods in Engineering, and Theory of Complex Variables.

1. Teaching Experience in Greek Military School


While I was a visiting faculty, I taught the course of Digital Image Processing at the Computer Science Department and I gave a series of 10 seminars on the mathematical aspects of computer Tomography at the Chemistry Department,




Twenty four years of teaching experience covering the following fields:

Probability and Statistics, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, and Wavelet theory and applications.

FORTRAN, C++, MATLAB, Logical Design, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Image Processing, and Data Compression.

In Electrical Engineering:
Electronic Circuits/Electronic Circuit Labs, Control Theory, Electromagnetic Theory, and Analog/Digital Communications.

Special Topics:
Mathematical and Physical aspects of Computerized Tomography, namely: The Radon transform theory, X-ray tomography, PET tomography, Dual Energy tomography ,Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), laser tomography, geotomography, Remote Sensing and Biomechanics of the Human Spine.

4. JPL:
I gave a series of 10 lectures on the principles of Computer Tomography and Dual Energy Tomography while I was a member of a NASA Committee for the study of Calcium loss of Astronauts in zero Gravity environment.

In addition, I was invited Speaker at:

1. The DEMOCRITOS University of TRACE, School of Engineering in Greece (summer 1984).
2. The University of Vermont, Department of Orthopaedics and Applied Mechanics (spring 1984).
3. The PICKERING RESEARCH Corporation where I delivered 20 lectures on Digital Image Processing/Remote Sensing for a Chinese group of engineers from the Peking’s Remote Sensing Institute (summer 1983).