On Vegetarianism/Health/Environment

Dear Reader:
Whatever is presented here is an accumulation of scattered material available in the internet and elsewhere. Unfortunately, I do not remember who said what because it took me some time to put everything together. Forgive me for this omission.

However this note, is a synthesis of important information which will help the reader to see the entire picture of the discussed issues at one place.
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By Nick P.


An astonishing number of animals are killed yearly worldwide. The exact number is not known, but it is estimated to be 40 – 50 billion, not including fish. I believe that if you knew more about the animal cruelty issue, you probably make some efforts to change the situation and create a kinder and healthier world.
That is why I wrote what it follows.

I. The slaughtering and sacrifice of animals

The reasons for such killings are mostly related to business, and medical research. In the following paragraphs, I will try to give you a brief but accurate picture of what is really going on

• The creation of profitable businesses, such as

1. Meat, and fish, food industries, including the illegally operated farms which raise dogs and cats for dog and cat meat eaters,

2. animal based byproduct industries such as: Lather and fur clothing, furniture and car upholstery, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, and soap industries, and

3. the pet breeding industry.

• To conduct medical research
Hundreds of thousands of animals are sacrificed yearly for medical research. However, the results obtained from animal based medical research, in most cases, does not apply to humans. because humans and animals are physiologically different. Unfortunately, the media presents animal based research results in such a way that people think that a cure to an important disease is around the corner. That is not true at all, and it is done either from ignorance or for human consumption. In addition, the PR offices of some Universities and Research Institutes make over optimistic statements for the purpose of creating favorable impressions for obtaining grants.

• To organize sport events involving cruel treatment of animals
It is also true and common that, horseracing, chicken and dog fighting, circus/sea world type of performances, and hunting/fishing expeditions occur everywhere daily. Unfortunately, such sport events subject animals into hardships and suffering.

• To Satisfy cultural, traditional and religious oriented festivities such as
Certain cultural, traditional, and religious events also add to the misery of the animal’s short life:
These include:
1. The traditional bullfighting,
2. religious celebrations (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter etc.), and
3. traditional festivals such as China’s dog eating festival et..
Unfortunately, in every case, meat eating dominates the celebration.
In the case of religious celebrations, which are supposedly taking place to thank GOD and celebrate love and life, exactly the opposite it takes place. It is very hypocritical that almost all the religions, silently endorse the barbaric slaughtering of innocent unprotected and powerless creatures for gastronomical pleasure.
What a way to thank GOD by destroying HIS creations.
In reality, we raise animals to kill them. We do that, mainly, for our gastronomical pleasure, and for that reason we find all kind of ridiculous excuses and justifications.
“Animals are born to die for our own gastronomical pleasure”

II. The cruel treatment of animals by the animal byproduct(s) related industry

In an effort to maximize their profits from the animal based byproducts, these industries treat the animals very poorly.
Let us see what is going on.
On today’s factory farms, animals spend their short lives in overcrowded, filthy, windowless environments. In most cases, they are so badly cramped that they can’t even turn around
For a moment, let us talk about the treatment of chicken. In order to make harvesting easier, the chicken are crammed into tiny cages one on the top of the other, and are subjected to 24 hour artificial lighting. Within days of birth, chicken have their beaks seared off with a hot blade, and are fed their own waste and forced to grow or produce as fast as possible. Finally, are hung upside down and their throats are sliced open, often while they’re fully conscious.
In the case of cows, the situation is also equally bad. Cows are confined to overcrowded, dusty feedlots for months before they are send to slaughterhouses. They have their horns sliced off; they are branded, which causes excruciating third-degree burns; and males are castrated, and this is all done without any painkillers. Then, they are shipped without food or water to the slaughterhouse, where a metal rod is shot through their brains and they are hung upside-down and have their throats slit. Because line speeds are so fast, many of the animals are still conscious throughout the process.
There are available numerous videos that show the degree of barbaric creativity of humans as they device methods to slaughter these unprotected and innocent creatures. They, literally make their short and miserable lives hell. If people, see such videos they may easily have a heart attack. You should really have a lot of guts to see these videos.

III. The cruel treatment of animals used for labor service

Certain animals, such as donkeys, horses, and elephants (some of them old and with medical problems) are frequently used to carry excessive loads for great distances and are punished or even killed if they become unproductive or old.

IV. Are humans paying for such acts of cruelty?

Yes, they pay. Serious health, environmental, and economic consequences are the penalties because we go against nature and GOD’s wishes. But, let us talk a bit more about that.
• What is so BAD if we eat meat? Why we should stop eating it?
Meat products, are loaded with artery clogging cholesterol and saturated fat. The risk of developing heart disease (world’s number one killer) among meat-eaters is at least 50 % higher than it is among vegetarians. A vegetarian diet reduces cholesterol.
Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn have successfully used a vegan diet to prevent and reverse heart disease. Dr Esselstyn’s book documents their 100 % success with unclogging people’s arteries and reversing heart disease.
According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, “Vegetarians are about 40-50 % less likely to get cancer than non-vegetarians, regardless of other risks such as smoking, body size, and socioeconomic status”.
To a lesser degree, meat-eaters have an increased probability of developing other health problems such as, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis (studies has shown that too much protein causes loss of bone calcium), Alzheimer’s disease, respiratory/asthma, and impotence. In addition, too much protein may cause kidney problems.
Statistical studies have OVERWEALMINGLY shown that vegetarians live six to ten years longer on average than meat-eaters do. Healthy vegetarian diets support a lifetime of good health and provide protection against numerous diseases such as heart disease, strokes and cancer just to mention few.

• Weight Loss – Improves your figure and keep it that way for long time

Vegetarianism is the ultimate weight-loss diet. A vegetarian diet is the only diet that once the weight is taken off, it is kept off, provided that you continue to be vegetarian.

• The overmedication effect .

All farmed raised animals are pumped up with approved (as safe) drugs such as antibiotics, steroids, hormones, pesticides, and other chemical substances. Obviously, meat and all the meat related byproducts (milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs etc.) which are used in our daily diet are imported into our bodies. This fact is bad, but the situation is even worst if we consider that these animals live and produce under miserable conditions. This, most likely will affect the chemical processes that take place in the animal’s body (their adrenaline level is very high) and may be on ours as well. In addition our bodies are daily loaded with extra medication prescribed by our doctors, for maintenance purposes and for the alleviation (not cure) of certain symptoms.
I repeat, meat contains much higher accumulations (up to 14 times) of pesticides, antibiotics (half of the antibiotics used in U.S.A. are used in farm animals and 90 % of those are not used to treat infections but instead used as growth promoters), dioxins, hormones, and several other chemicals (some of them very toxic) in comparison to those contained in plant foods. In addition, meat eaters are also ingesting bacteria. All these, are accumulated in the human body and remain there for many years causing a host of medical problems of which some are new.
Important conclusion: This overmedication most certainly disturbs our immune system in an unknown and uncontrollable fashion and subsequently favors inflammatory conditions (a major cause of atherosclerosis/heart problems, cancer, respiratory/asthma, arthritis, and certain neurological diseases) which in turn is favoring the surfacing of other chronic diseases as I mentioned earlier.
Dr. F. Chilton in his book “Inflammation Nation” discusses this matter and presents evidence of increased inflammation in humans eating farmed raised salmon.
In addition, other researchers point out that the inflammation is excessively also high in meat products especially the farmed raised ones.

• Reduce the danger of contamination from animal products
The World Health Organization reports that certain viruses, could be caught simply by eating undercooked animal flesh or eggs, eating food prepared on the same cutting board as infected meat or eggs, or even touching eggshells contaminated with the virus.


Eating meat is nothing but eating spiced killed (dead) animal, nicely spiced and decorated with vegetables and other tasty trimmings.
My apology for what I am going to say in the following few lines. Suppose that you are in a special gourmet restaurant where they serve special but unknown dishes. The dish looks good, and smells good – because the chef is probably using a ton of spices and aromatic vegetables to prepare it – and as a matter of fact, when you taste it, you like it very much. However, when you are told what it is, you will through up.
Let me put it bluntly: Shit still remain shit even if you cook it with the most aromatic spices and tasty vegetables or use sugar. So, eating the flesh of a dead (killed) overmedicated unhappy and probably sick animal (actually, an aromatized chunk of protein that tastes good) is not much different from eating shit. This is a very disgusting happening which harms your health in an unknown manner and because of the meat related industry involved indirectly harms the environment as well.
CLEARLY, as I demonstrated briefly, THE ROOT OF THE MOST SERIOUS MEDICAL PROBLEMS is lying in what I discussed earlier.
Therefore, addressing these issues is a very seriously matter and should be done as soon as possible. If not, we may run into catastrophic health and irreversible environmental problems. And my friends, since this affects our own lives, our own happiness, our own longevity and our economy it is imperative to do something about NOW. This is not a joke.

• Discover the Joy of not eating something killed (a killed animal)
Vegetarians report that when they adopt a vegetarian diet, their range of foods explodes from a limited selection of meat based items to a wide range of grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables that they didn’t even know existed. Besides, you do not commit or endorse an cruel act but an act of love.

V. Are humans physically created to eat meat?

Since the beginning of human existence (four million years ago) people where eating only vegetables for 2. 5 million years, and only the last million and a half years start eating meat.
Some historians and anthropologists say that man is historically omnivorous. However, the fact is that our ¬ teeth, jaws, and digestive system does not support meat diet. The American Dietetic Association notes that “most of mankind for most of human history has lived on vegetarian or near-vegetarian diets.”
On the most industrialized countries, eating meat is less than a hundred years old. It started with the refrigerator, car and the twentieth-century consumer society. But even with the twentieth century, man’s body hasn’t adapted to eating meat. The prominent Swedish scientist Karl von Linne states, “Man’s structure, external and internal, compared with that of the other animals, shows that fruit and succulent vegetables constitute his natural food.” The chart below compares the anatomy of man with that of carnivorous and herbivorous animals.
When you look at the comparison between herbivores and humans, we compare much more closely to herbivores than meat eating animals. Humans are clearly not designed to digest and ingest meat.

Meat-eaters: have claws
Herbivores: no claws
Humans: no claws

Meat-eaters: have no skin pores and perspire through the tongue
Herbivores: perspire through skin pores
Humans: perspire through skin pores

Meat-eaters: have sharp front teeth for tearing, with no flat molar teeth for grinding
Herbivores: no sharp front teeth, but flat rear molars for grinding
Humans: no sharp front teeth, but flat rear molars for grinding

Meat-eaters: have intestinal tract that is only 3 times their body length so that rapidly decaying meat can pass through quickly
Herbivores: have intestinal tract 10-12 times their body length.
Humans: have intestinal tract 10-12 times their body length.

Meat-eaters: have strong hydrochloric acid in stomach to digest meat
Herbivores: have stomach acid that is 20 times weaker than that of a meat-eater
Humans: have stomach acid that is 20 times weaker than that of a meat-eater

Meat-eaters: salivary glands in mouth not needed to pre-digest grains and fruits.
Herbivores: well-developed salivary glands which are necessary to pre-digest grains and fruits
Humans: well-developed salivary glands, which are necessary to pre-digest, grains and fruits

Meat-eaters: have acid saliva with no enzyme ptyalin to pre-digest grains
Herbivores: have alkaline saliva with ptyalin to pre-digest grains
Humans: have alkaline saliva with ptyalin to pre-digest grains

This information is based on a chart by A.D. Andrews, Fit Food for Men, (Chicago: American Hygiene Society, 1970).

VI. Should Christians eat meat or should be vegetarians?

The question is:
Is it acceptable for Christian or other religions to support meat eating? No.
No matter what the various religious interpretations are, there is no basis for killing anything for food (which implies business and profit related activities). Furthermore, as it was discussed earlier, any other activity involving animals as objects of sportsmanship (such as hunting and the likes), scientific research, and cultural/traditional celebrations involving meat eating are without any basis. Killing is an irreversible act of barbarism, it is unethical and cruel and involves agony, and pain. Certainly, it does not involve love and humanity but gastronomical pleasure (supposedly enhancing sexual strength which in reality is exactly the opposite). Talking about Christianity, it is totally the exact opposite of what Christianity teaches.
Unfortunately, the humans present false and wrong information and present everything according to their (economic and supposedly nutritional) interests. A good God, will never give them HIS permission to do such destructive things.
The proof of their devilish acts is so clearly evident today. Humans destroyed their health, the environment they live and everything that the good God gave them. They commit irreversible signs and pay the consequences because God is angry with what they do. This is as simple as that. Not joking.
Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything. “But you must not eat anything that has its life blood still in it. (Genesis 9:3-4)
Current slaughterhouse practices remove the blood, therefore, all meat today is acceptable to eat (supposedly) according to God orders.
I think it is absolutely false to assume that we have to kill and remove the animal’s blood so we can eat them.
What a great manipulation of GOD’s words so we can justify our cruel act of killing animals.

Clearly the answer is no, Christians (and by extension others too) can not eat meat.
Do not destroy GOD’s creations for the sake of food and business. All food is clean, but it is wrong for a man to eat anything that causes someone else to stumble. It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother to fall. Eating meat is not from faith; and everything that does not come from faith is sin. (Romans 14:20-23)

VII. Save the Environment

A recent United Nations report entitled Livestock’s Long Shadow concludes that the meat related industry is “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global”. The report finds that meat industry causes more than 40 % more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, ships and planes in the world combined.
As Sir Paul McCartney sums it up beautifully: If anyone wants to save the planet, all they have to do is just stop eating meat. That’s the single most important thing you could do. It’s staggering when you think about it. Vegetarianism takes care of so many things in one shot: ecology, famine, cruelty”.

No matter what reason you choose, you can start the exciting journey towards a vegetarian lifestyle simply by taking the “Pledge to Be Veg” today!
The today’s environmental concerns are known to everybody and need no further discussion

VIII. Help Reduce Famine

Worldwide, as we said earlier, 40-50 billions animals are raised and killed yearly. To feed these animals much farmland is needed. Could this farmland used to produce food for the world’s starving population, which is less than 5 billions, at the same time minimize pollution, and make our lives healthier?
There is ample reason for indignation at the 100 million tons of grain used for biofuels, more than seven times as much grain (760 million tons) is fed to farmed animals so that people can eat meat.
In addition, exploring alternate meat foods that are healthier could eliminate the cruel and barbaric acts towards animals.
If we truly respect GOD’s creations (including the environment), it is important to start thinking what a hell are we doing, AND WE SHOULD DO THAT FAST.

Is it better to be a vegetarian? The answer is ‘yes.” Vegetarians generally have a healthier diet. They can expect to live longer, since they tend to have a significantly lower incidence of heart disease and other diseases. In addition, to health benefits, there are benefits to the environment which is without a question at risk. Furthermore, It takes much more energy and economic resources to produce meat than plants, since the animals that are raised for meat must be fed plants – in addition to all the energy required for meat processing and storage.