Two books will be soon available to students and researchers. The first book is on: “Mathematical treatment of Digital Images and its computer implementation with Applications” and the second one is on “Wavelet Treatment of one and two dimensional digital Signals”.
In addition, a third book entitled: “Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory” is ready for publication. This book is written for the undergraduate student and it is based on material covered during a series of “informal lunch seminars” given by Dr. Harry Lass, Dr. Randimillo Georgevitch and myself while we were working at JPL. Dr. Lass’s and Dr. R. Feynman’s (“The Feynman Lecture of Physics” Vol. II) style is dominating the book’s material.
For all the three books, my effort was to give a motivating, simple, clear, and rigorous description of the otherwise difficult topics involved. I hope that the interested reader can easily understand and directly apply the material.
At this point, I wish to declare that it is my commitment that all the earning from the sale of these books, if any, will be donated to various organizations that help animals.